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Frustrated cell phone users will appreciate the increased signal strength & reduced number of dropped calls with the Wireless In-Vehicle Amplifier. With 10 times the signal strength, users will experience many more miles of uninterrupted service. And since it's wireless, there's no physical connection to the cell phone.

It works with most current carrier protocols (Analog/AMPS, CDMA, TDMA & GSM) at 800 & 1900 MHz and is compatible with Bluetooth technology. It provides gain in both the transmit & receive paths. No special programming is required as the unit automatically recognizes the carrier's protocol. The wireless in-vehicle amplifier has automatic gain control of both the uplink & downlink paths to prevent any external oscillation due to antenna installation variations.

  • Advanced electronics receive & transmit better than your mobile phone*
  • Significantly increases signal strength as much as 10 times on send & receive
  • Significantly reduces dropped calls
  • Wireless operation - no physical connection to mobile phone
  • Up to 3 Phones simultaneously
  • Works with most current cellular service providers
  • Automatically selects appropriate bandwidth - AMPS, CDMA, TDMA, GSM
  • Phone operates at a reduced power level - extending battery life
  • Safer than using your mobile phone without an amplifier**
  • Compatible with Bluetooth technology
  • Specifications
    Frequency: TX: 824-849 MHz / 1850-1910 MHz >< RX: 869-894 MHz / 1930-1990 MHz
    Gain: Up to 50 dB (Dual Band, Bi-Directional)
    Output Power: TX: 25dBm (Single Channel)
    Type of Modulation: CDMA, GSM (Class V), TDMA & AMPS
    Stability: Unconditionally stable
    DC Supply Voltage: 9 to 16.5 V
    Current Draw: 1.5A max
    Battery Power: Switch on/off via ignition switch
    Operating Temperature: -30 to 60 C
    Dimensions: 5.20 x 5.4 x 1.6 inches
    Weight: 21 oz.
    *The Sigma Auto Mobile Amplifier / Repeater has a better receiver than what's in your cellphone. Its advanced electronics are very sensitive and able to receive small signals which would go undetected by most cellphones. It also has a better transmitter with double the power of your cellphone. This allows your voice to be heard by distant cell sites, increasing coverage up to 50 miles or more.

    **A cellphone using our amplifier is safer and will use less battery power because the phone thinks it's much closer to a cell site than it actually is. Phones vary their power output based on their proximity to cell sites. Therefore, your phone transmits less power - resulting in safer use and longer battery life.

    Wireless Mobile Signal Amplifier (Portable) Wireless Mobile Signal Amplifier (Hardwired)
    ~ Portable installation that allows for easy-in & easy-out portability of the in-vehicle cellular signal enhancer. ~ Permanent (hardwired) installation that allows for permanent installation of the in-vehicle cellular signal enhancer.
    ~ Includes:
  • Bi-Directional In-Vehicle Amplifier Unit
  • Interior Small (patch/rerad) Antenna
  • Exterior Magnetic Mount Antenna
  • 12V DC Cigarette Lighter Adapter
  • ~ Includes:
  • Bi-Directional In-Vehicle Amplifier Unit
  • Interior Small (patch/rerad) Antenna
  • Interior Large (wing-shaped/donor) Antenna
  • DC Power Cable (15-ft.)
  • Terminal Splice (2)
  • New Ultra-portable Mobile Signal Amplifier
    New car cigarette adapter & USB models to supplement the current lineup. These ultra-portable, personal versions are true plug-n-talk dual-band wireless cellular signal amplifiers. The car cig adapter model plugs right into the cigarette adapter for power with no box to hide & all it connects to is a magnetic antenna. Main unit measures a mere 6" length while antenna measures 5". They differ from the original model in terms of downlink strength. While the original models have 10X signal boost on both uplink (outgoing call) & downlink (incoming call), these new ultra-portable units have the same 10X uplink but only has a 2-3X downlink. USB version plugs right into your laptop/PC/hub, etc.

    Specs for the Ultra-portable models:

    • Increase signal bars on your cell phone (800 & 1900 MHz) instantly
    • Insures strong & smooth data connection
    • Works with all cellular carriers except Nextel (T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Alltel)
    • No installation - just plug the unit into a car cig adapter & place the magnetic antenna onto the roof of your car, and for the USB ver., plug into laptop USB port
    • Perfect for frequent traveller & frequent car renter
    • USB ver. is perfect for use with all cellular data cards
    • Wireless - no physical connection with handset
    • Up to 50 dB system gain
    • Works with multiple users simultaneously
    • Reduces dropped calls
    • Improve call quality

    Home Electronics Mobile Signal Amplifier Call Capture :  
     (#B80019002P)   Mobile Signal Amplifier - Wireless, portable (works w/ all cell carriers except Nextel) $0245
     (#B80019002F)   Mobile Signal Amplifier - Wireless, hardwired (works w/ all cell carriers except Nextel) $0245
     (#B851-1P)   Mobile Signal Amplifier - Wireless, portable (works w/ Nextel / IDN carriers) $0245
     (#B851-1F)   Mobile Signal Amplifier - Wireless, hardwired (works w/ Nextel / IDN carriers) $0245
     (#55-B800-1900-WU)   In-Line Signal Enhancer - connects to phone, works w/ all cell carriers except Nextel $0175
     (#CCSOHO01)   Ultra-portable Signal Amplifier - Cig adapter + 110V AC, all carriers except Nextel $0178
     (#CCPRT01)   Ultra-portable Signal Amplifier - Cig adapter ver., all carriers except Nextel $0168
     (#CCUSB01)   Ultra-portable Signal Amplifier - USB ver., all carriers except Nextel $0168
    NOTE: Portable means the interior antenna is a 12v plug for the cig socket that is removable. This allows the amp to be moved from vehicle to vehicle. Hardwire means the interior antenna is 100% installed into the vehicle. We only sell accessories to customers who purchase the main amplifier from us (previously or currently).

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